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HalfPricePhones.co.uk is a premier UK based retailer where you can buy new and used mobile phones with confidence and save upto 50% on Brand New Phones and more than 50% on Quality Refurbished Mobile Phones. Because of our relationships cultivated for over a decade we are now able to not only source mobile phones directly from carriers, manufacturers and distributors from several regions of the world, to source our stock at incredible prices and pass on that saving to you by keeping minimum profit margins.

You can save upto 50% off Retail Price on Brand New Phones and more than 50% on Certified Refurbished Handsets

Halfpricephones Certified Refurbished

Every Refurbished mobile phone we sell not only goes through an extensive 70 point diagnostic test with PhoneCheck and we also manually test its battery health so make sure all the devices we sale fully functional and up to the mark. We guarantee that any personal data is removed and that the mobile phone is all set to give you a better experience. 

Our Aim

Aiming to make sure that our customers get their hands on the latest phones available in the market at incredible prices. Revoking them of any constraints whilst making sure they avail the peak of technology. HalfPricePhones.co.uk make sure that our products satisfy your needs with best possible prices.

Who we are ?

HalfPricePhones.co.uk is owned and operated by UK based company OVEVO LIMITED. Registered in England company number 11220629. Our Quality Assurance team is also based in UK who work in partnership with PhoneCheck the leading industry software for mobile phone testing to deliver you the best.